Garage Door Indicator Alarm
Garage Door Indicator Alarm
No more worrying - did I close the garage door?.
Garage door indicator alarm

Wireless range up to 50 metres

Visual indicator

Audible alarm

Peace of mind

Package Contents
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Transformer
  • Aerials x 2
  • Velcro fixing pads
  • Installation instructions and user guide

Just plug the receiver into a 13 amp socket and fix the transmitter to the back of the garage door with the Velcro pads supplied.

We recommend mounting the receiver to a wall.

In the evening or before you go to bed, simply turn on the side switch.

The product becomes an alarm as well as an indicator.

If the door was to open during this period, it will continually alert you with an alarming beep.

conforming to all ce standards
garage door alarm instructions

The perfect product for people whose garage doors are out of sight. It makes checking that a door is closed so simple and convenient day or night.